How we use evidence

How we use evidence

CESE's goal for the Clearinghouse is to provide teachers and school leaders with easy access to strong evidence on effective professional learning and classroom teaching strategies. CESE uses a rigorous hierarchy of evidence to ensure that the evidence base it draws on to prepare content for the Clearinghouse is a strong indicator of effectiveness and can safely be relied upon. Read more...

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Evidence hierarchy

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What is an evidence hierarchy?

Why an evidence hierarchy is important

Evidence hierarchies save valuable time and help to identify research providing the strongest indication of effectiveness. Find out why an evidence hierarchy is important.

How to read a research article

Research articles can be complicated, and full of incomprehensible jargon. Read some tips on where to start.

How does this site find evidence?

Finding strong evidence without incorporating any biases requires a research strategy. Find out how CESE finds the evidence it uses.


Because statistical jargon can be a pain.